Hot Tips For Parents this Summer!

Yes, we’re thinking the same as you… The time is coming where the schools and kids finish for the Summer Holidays!

Your next thought… what do I do with the kids?! Fear not, we’ve got you covered! We’ve had a think about some things you can do with your little ones this Summer. Here are a few ways to make the most of your time with!

Happy Kids = Happy Parents

We all know keeping the kids happy means that you may be able to steal 5 minutes of peace to yourself in a day!

Fill their days with fun, low cost activities such as painting, playing in the park, picnics and baking!

We’ve got a few more ideas…

  1. Freeze yoghurt for a tasty healthier treat!

A tasty ice cream or ice lolly isn’t a bad thing every now and again… we should be able to tempt you with our scrumptious variety of local ice-creams. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative you could just as easily purchase a pack of low-fat and sugar yoghurt.

How to make your healthier alternative:

First, pierce a hole in the top of the yoghurt top, place a spoon through the whole into your choice of yoghurt. Ensure the handle is sticking out. Place the yoghurt carton with the spoon still inside it, inside the freezer. When the yoghurt has frozen you can remove this from he freezer and run the carton and spoon under warm water to expand the frozen yoghurt and dislodge the carton.

Simply remove the yoghurt carton and there you have it! A yummy, healthier, scrumptious ice lolly!

2. Bring the kids to Jump Xtreme and That Fun Place!

We all know the weather isn’t great all the time in the UK… even in the summer! Change your holiday plans up and visit Jump Xtreme for a change of scenery!

We’ve got lots going on during the next few weeks including tots sessions, family sessions, family jump & dine, family fun & feast! All of these are the perfect way to entertain the kids for a few hours and you have the choice to participate or sit in our superb cafes and watch from our viewing balconies!

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