Ball Games

Xtreme Ball Games

Make your experience at Jump Xtreme even more exciting and play some of our popular ball games.


The objective of dodgeball is to eliminate all players of the opposing team by throwing one of four game balls and hitting the opposing player below the shoulders on the fly. It’s great fun on a normal court, and playing on trampolines takes this classic game to a whole new level!

Bring your friends for an exciting game of xtreme dodgeball. Now an ever growing popular sport across the US and UK. Try it out on our dedicated dodgeball courts.


Our slam dunk lanes you can get a bit of xtra help to soar up for that perfect dunk.

We know you and your family love to come to Jump Xtreme to experience the high-flying fun of unrestrained bouncing.

Whether it’s with younger kids on the tots area, bigger kids on the main trampolines or on the dodgeball court, there is an activity for just about anyone. And, maybe the most entertaining area of all is the Slam Dunk court where trampoline basketball reaches new heights…literally!

The Slam Dunk court has two basketball hoops positioned along a series of trampolines. Each trampoline basketball participant will grab a basketball, get a running start down the lane, land-and-spring off a trampoline and then sink a dunk that would make Michael Jordan envious!

Try staging competitions with your friends. You can compete for the longest successful goal, the highest jump shot, the most in-air rotations before shooting, or the most flips before shooting. Use your imagination!


Volleyball is the newest addition to be added to our extensive list of activities at Jump Xtreme. Get a team of 6 or more people together and enjoy an exciting, fun way to keep fit and bounce while putting competitive spirit to the test! It’s great fun on a beach, a court and grass so imagine how fun it is on a trampoline! Currently only available at our Tamworth site.

Access to our dodgeball court, slam dunk basketball lanes and volleyball court is included as part of our main session, Xtreme Freejump and games will be organised by your dedicated party host when you book an Xtreme Party.

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