Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Jump Café serves a wide range of quality food and beverages.

There is only one place better than the trampolines at Jump Xtreme and that’s the Xtreme Café.

The Xtreme Café is the perfect place to relax and watch the children while they jump, or grab a bite to eat to refuel after your jump session!

Enjoy a wide range of freshly brewed beverages. From scrumptious coffee, including cappuccinos, mocca’s, espressos, lattes and daily specials, a variety of tea, cool refreshing drinks including I-Pro Sport Isotonic drink in 3 great flavours, orange & pineapple, berry mix & citrus blend. We also offer a range of Big Zero Fruit Slushies that are 99.9% real fruit and taste delicious! Even better, they have no added sugar and count as one of your 5 a day – the perfect tasty treat for you and the children.

Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a filling meal, you can find it all in the Jump Xtreme Café.

There is a tasty selection of delicious, freshly prepared, competitively priced food available, our menu includes a range of healthy options including hot and cold sandwiches and salads. Don’t worry we’re not obsessed with healthy foods; we have homemade pasties and cakes along with delicious Cheshire Farm Ice-cream on offer too! After all, you need to refuel after all that exercise!

We also cater for the younger ones too, with a children’s menu offering smaller portions of yummy, nutritious options!

Free Wi-Fi

Attention all hard working, super busy parents, grandparents, friends or family. While the children are jumping, tucking, flipping around on the trampolines, why not use our complementary Wi-Fi to browse the web, to book your next jump session or to squeeze in a bit of work whilst you have a spare 5 minutes to yourself!

This of course, is only if you are not also having a fantastic time on the trampolines yourself!

Food and Drink

Special Dietary Requirements

We also have options for gluten free and other special dietary requirements, please ask our catering team for details.